Art in... was a yearly project (2001 ArtinGames, 2002 ArtinAds, 2003 ArtinStreets 2004 ArtinBoards 2005 ArtinCities 2006 ArtinAnimation 2007 ArtinHandicrafts 2008 ArtinMobile) that looks for art in subcultures in collaboration with authorities of these respective subcultures. The results of those collaborations were shown at the gallery Galerie De Meerse - Hoofddorp (Amsterdam), in catalogues, educational publications, websites, flyers, posters, stickers, outdoor advertisements and workshops.

Art in... was a non profit initiative of Galerie de Meerse / Sander Boschma, Ruud Boel, Caspar van Ette, Jeroen Boschma and Femke Hoogland. Art in Animation, Art in Handicrafts and Art in Mobile were coordinated by Ellen Witsen Elias. Art in... was sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


Art in ...started in 2001 with ArtinGames. With Niels 't Hooft, writer, video game journalist and editor of the television game program Gammo, as curator of Art in Games, the gallery was converted into a 3-D life-size game play. During the opening, Nintendo presented its X-Box and Sony showed its i-Cube for the first time in The Netherlands. Approximately 400 teenagers attended the event and the opening received the attention of the national press, including television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Not surprisingly, the niche magazines that focus on games gave extra attention to the event.

In 2002, ArtinAds was held. Art directors of prominent advertisement agencies, like Erik Kessels and Herbert van Hoogdalem, and connoisseurs of art and ads, like Frans Haks and Wim van Krimpen, were asked for their opinion about the art in advertisements. The outcome was showcased at the gallery and the website. The worldwide media agency, Starcom, used the opening to celebrate their flagship office in the Netherlands. Apart from the national press, the professional advertisement journals heavily publicized Art in Ads.

ArtinStreets followed in 2003. It highlighted the art of graffiti, skate, scratch, breakdance, beatboxing and rap. With the collaboration of individuals, such as Bob Joosten (Dutch champion vert-skateboard), Magic Maik (Dutch B-boy Champion 2002 and champion with Funky Stylez), Marcel Veldman and Rud-gr (photographers), Rock-id (turn-tablist) and graffiti artists such as D-virus, Cosh, Zender and Jerk, the exhibition was composed, including a catalogue of street art and a giant graffiti piece. The opening of the exhibition was kicked off with a party in a huge tent, and there were workshops, movies and demonstrations.

In 2004 we organized ArtinBoards. With the collaboration of Reload Magazine, Freek Ruigrok and Martijn Boot we exhibited unique historical boards and wrote essays about the history of surf, snow and skateboards and boarding. There were skateboard design classes at high schools at Hoofddorp and a design and the design contest with over 500 competitors.

Last year we organized ArtinCities. Check it out, it's still very much in progress!